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Our Write to Heal program is designed to help you use writing as a healing tool and to help you reach your emotional transformation.

In roughly two years, we have published over 20 authors while helping them heal through writing. With our experience, we realized that not everyone is ready or wants to share their story by becoming a published author. Therefore, because we strongly believe everyone has the right to heal and have happiness in their lives, we feel our programs are the prefect solution!  

Made with healing in mind. 

We will continue to bring offers that will assist you finding peace, joy, and personal fulfillment. 

7- Week Online Course

Seven powerful modules to help YOU heal through writing

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What our members are saying

Writing to Heal helped me unlock memories that had been buried under PTSD

The writing to heal helped me heal from deep within me, to let go, to forgive, to love myself, to smile, to be happy, to be grateful and to thank my God for always being with me.

Writing to heal gave me the opportunity to express my thoughts and my feelings towards my husband and our life together. It gave me the opportunity to re-count the times that we spent together and how much we loved and cared for each other. It gave me the opportunity to say goodbye as well as give my children something of their father. It gave me the opportunity to flex my muscles as an author and to dig deep. The Skills that I gained are priceless. I am grateful for the friendship and for the opportunity. I plan to take it again.

When my mother died, I had this incredible guilty feeling. Perhaps it was my outspokenness as a teen, or maybe the fact that I never felt as connected to her because of the difference in ages. Maybe it was that in life I failed to tell her how wonderful she was. Told her I loved her but don’t know how many times I thanked her for all she did. I was perhaps still young to truly understand the impact she had in my life but my emptiness went way beyond grief. Writing “Adios Eva” helped me heal from these feelings. I realized that her life needed to be celebrated: that others had to know how incredible this woman was. I needed my mom to know. It was an amazing experience. Thank you!

Writing to heal forced me to face situations I hadn't even known I avoided so extensively. It was fulfilling to look back and realize we must fully experience our pain or it will never truly be gone. Writing also made me realize I was more mad at myself and taught me forgiveness for others , but more importantly myself. Forgiveness was t important for my growth.