"I've spent decades searching for the right person and company to help hold my heart in representation, authenticity, and expertise in having my voice heard. Met many "experts" who claimed they had it all, and fell flat within a couple of weeks. Working with Dolly and Rose Gold Publishing took my jaded, practically lifeless focus from my desire to share my words that tell stories I believe millions will want to hear and brought it back to life. 

The difference? Her investment into me. Her compassion for the journey I took, and the expertise it takes to get the memories from my heart to paper, and ultimately into the hands (and hearts) of readers. For the first time, I can finally breathe a full, content breath that I've found the best person and company who represents who I am in the best light."

To date, I don't recall ever meeting a woman quite like Dolly Cortes. She is the kind of woman who will "make it happen" and will lose sleep in her quest to make sure your heart is handled with respect and grace through the process.

She may be a publisher, but she comes equipped with the crucial tools necessary to bring out the author within the person. Her instructions aren't aggressive, they are assertive. Her consulting isn't what you want to hear, it's what you *need* to hear. And no matter the type of book you'd like to write, she will help you craft it out, taking care of your integrity through the process. And when all is completed, the reward for an accomplishment is met with the kind of celebration that has you feeling like you are the star of the night, because according to her, you are.

A woman who has a heart as beautiful as a rose and as solid of character as gold, I wouldn't give Rose Gold Publishing 5 stars. She gets the galaxy, in my rating. A class act woman and business, and should be your next publisher to help you let your voice be heard as you share your story. ❤

Anita Myers, CPC, CRCS

"This experience is life-changing for me. I hadn't realized I'd taken a nightmarish experience and put it in a box thinking I'm done with it! I was actually avoiding the full-fledged pain and anger within me that seems like a cancerous vapor circulating thru my soul. She helped me realize I had to look the nightmare fully in the face and by doing that diminish bit by bit the rage I felt as I poured out my story on paper. It's still difficult to finish, but I will. I still cry, but not all the time. And when I'm done, I know I could dust the deed from my heart and continue to grow, to trust and to know abuse didn't shape my life, I'm shaping it. That is freedom. That is what Dolly and Rose Gold Publishing are doing for me. To say Thank you and I'm grateful is the biggest understatement. The bonus she gave me? Fabulous, supportive Sister Authors rooting for me. Priceless.


Deborah Jimenez

I never thought I had much to say. That “my story”, whatever that was, wasn’t important enough to write down let alone get published. It took some time, some serious support & encouragement & the trust of Rose Gold publishing to help me see a purpose, visualize and then to write from the heart. The love outweighs the pain and I am both grateful & stronger for it.

I had EXCELLENT coaching and mentoring and advising to bring my dream to fruition. My heart, my words, my way. The Excellence in service NEVER faltered no matter how many times I contacted my publisher. Contact Rose Gold Publishing LLC. Its worth cannot be fully measured!!

Michelle D. Griggs, MS, MS

An amazing company that strives to make your story great! Extremely resourceful & I highly recommend seeking them for your writing!

Bianca Sawyer

Su gran disposición para ayudar a toda persona, que desea ser escuchada, con paquetes muy cómodos y que de ninguna manera, minimiza la calidad del producto, y bueno el excelente trato que reciben de la más que excelente profesional y maravillosa amiga Dolly Cortés

Remedios Tello

Dolly Cortes is an amazing woman. She will do anything in her power to make sure you get your point across in your book. She will help you during times you think you can't do it. I am forever grateful for Dolly!!! If you are looking to write your own book...call on Dolly Cortes...she is Rose Gold Publishing, LLC.

Rita Owen

Excellence in service to put your story out! Quality and the desire to serve is the main purpose of this company.

Zoraya Martinez