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My Write to Heal Journal by Dolly Caraballo-Cortes

This beautiful 100-page color journal is a guide to healing. It includes questions that will guide you to write your thoughts, your fears, your wants and why it is all-important to recognize!

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My Thoughts My Power: And Why it Matters by Dolly Rosario

My first outlet of healing from a difficult journey that I was experiencing. I described how I transformed my life within three years by believing and practicing, The Law of Attraction. It is powerful and raw!

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Accept Responsibility and Be Happy by Dolly Rosario

Through my writings, I soon realized the role I played in my journey and chose to accept responsibility while sharing with my readers what I refer to as Power Tools! This book was vitally important in my healing process and a must-read for those seeking a better understanding of their circumstances. It is written in a workbook format to encourage participation and true reflection and engagement from the reader.

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Takes My Breath Away by Dolly Rosario

I dedicated this book to my fiance at the time, and I expressed our love story through beautifully written poetry! It is romantic, heartfelt, and inspires the reader to fall in love all over again.

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