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Rose Gold Publishing makes your complicated book project easy. We help you write, edit,  distribute, sell, market, and publicize your book. One of the biggest things that set us apart is that you get to keep 100% of your book royalties.

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You know what you want, you have written your manuscript and you don’t need us to proofread it or edit it for you! You need us to format the documents, to prepare your book cover unless you already have one prepared and we would also prepare your Table of Contents for you. You want us to list it on Amazon and other distribution outlets and to submit a proof for your approval once the process has been completed.

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This package includes the one on one coaching for twelve weeks. A weekly call is scheduled with you to complete your project. You will be guided. If additional coaching is requested, additional fees will apply.

This package includes everything in package #1 plus, copyediting and proofreading. This is for a book that does not exceed 150 pages. It includes an e-book and being featured at the annual, The Author's Gala. It includes two tickets, one for you and your guest. The Gala is meant to celebrate your writing journey. It also includes some marketing efforts through social media and RGPs website and Dolly, The Magazine.

You also commit to selling a minimum of one table. The cost of the table will be determined at a later date and is in addition to the package fee.

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