Our story

The Rose Gold Story

When I started Rose Gold Publishing, LLC in 2018, I wanted a name that reflected the heartfelt work the company would be doing.

When I see Roses, they make me smile. I think of how every week my husband brings me roses. It is a beautiful reminder of his love. To this day, everything about roses touches my heart. The scent is amazing and watching the blossoms slowly unfold to reveal a beautiful flower is incredible.

When I think of Gold, it reminds me that it is a precious metal that represents distinction, luxury, quality, and value.

I made the decision that all of the work we do for the authors would reflect beauty, love, blossom, quality, and value as they bloom in the journey to becoming an author.

Through the writing process, our authors share their pain and empowering lessons with honor and grace!

We help them uncover the gold within and we see them blossom in their power right before our eyes. We encourage them to let their voices be heard.

It is our pleasure to uplift authors in sharing their stories and healing from their past traumatic and painful experiences.

Dolly Cortes