Our published authors

Below you will find the books we have released.

Kristy Grabowski, PhD 

The author shares the journey of her abusive relationship with her narcissistic ex-husband. Her heartbreaking experiences will shock you and fill you with a variety of emotions. At the end of her marriage, you know she has gotten her power back and is ready to take control of her life once again. 

Jaime Bartolotta

I've always heard the adage that to write well, you must write what you know. This story is what I know...

"Something's wrong with me. I need help. I don't know who, but I need help." Thus, punctuated the beginning of my ascent out of the viscid, oppressive tar pits of black goo accrued across my thirty-five-year suffering borne of the dark arts: neglect, emotional and psychological abuse, manipulation, guilt, unrealistic expectation, dysfunction, and ultimate lack of love. What was left behind was a latent cycle of restricted eating, a completely fractured psyche, a ceaselessly stormy sea of repressed emotions, and me desperately searching for the purest love of all- self-love. Floundering in the funk of rock bottom is where Jenn found me, my literal and figurative mischievous imp of a therapist. 

Together we traversed the wrecked landscape of abuse, hugged my inner child and rebalanced my damaged chakras in the parallel world of hypnotherapy, exorcised and burned down a dollhouse, broke free from the shackles of Tim, embarked on a galactic mission to retrieve pieces of my soul, painstakingly glued to each shattered shard of me back together, and laughed our way through every nasty bit of it. 

Braiding memoir with an empowering guide to awareness, Rocks Don't Cry is not just another stranger's story because it aims to draw you in, enveloping you to become a part of the story, because ultimately the story behind the story is about you. How, you ask. 

Well, let me tell you what I know...

Martha Arteaga

The author shared the story of her mother and the journey and struggles she and the family endure after her father passed away. 

Her mother, the foreigner, was the first to introduce her to the American dream.

She has been, is and will always continue to be an inspiration in her life personally, professionally and spiritually. 

She was a fighter, a hero who showed great vigor and courage even in the most difficult times. She was the definition of a warrior- Eva the Warrior.

Michelle D. Griggs MS, MS

How are you supposed to say goodbye to the one you were supposed to spend the rest of your life with? 

I Remember, is a book focused on the beautiful memories that a family shared of Charles Griggs. 

Charles was taken too soon by an illness that was simply not forgiving or considerate of his will to live. It did not take the love this man had for his family into account, it did not sympathize with his grieving widow and three young sons that were left behind to figure things out on their own. 

He was a family man, a spiritual man, a father and an amazing husband. Michelle D. Griggs, the author, the widow, and the one that endured the pain of losing the love of her life, wanted to keep his legacy alive and share moments of the time together so their sons would always have Dad by their side 

Deborah Rosa  Jimenez

Deborah Rosa Jimenez is a strong woman.

Determined to stop the abuse from escalating, she persevered and removed her abuser from her home. 

Through devastation, fear, and anger, she knew that his betrayal destroyed what they had. She loved him as she had never loved before and he took advantage of that love to serve his own interests. 

A romance that started as a friendship of many years, turned into tears, anger, hate and rage. 

Although she chose to forgive him, the journey was difficult. She did not only lose her partner, but she lost her best friend. 

Mercedes Cardella, M. Ed and Dr. Ana Gil Garcia

They left their homes and loved ones for an enticing opportunity- what they got was not what they expected. 

Dr. Ana Gil Garcia's visit became an adventure with a daring escape. 

The compelling stories shared by there two brave authors will open your eyes to the practices that exist in Saudi Arabia that perhaps you never knew before! 

Vanessa Calimag Lin

This book illustrates how a devastating life event can alternate your life path. The author shares with us the details of her journey while pregnant and going through a divorce. She shares her deepest moments of despair and how she dealt with the changes in her life and body. She is graceful and kind throughout and also brave when she decides she is ready for love again! This is a must-read! A truly inspirational story of a woman that kept it together, while the world she knew fell apart.

Michelle N. Ramirez

Determined to use writing as a tool to heal, the author blogged her experiences, her difficulties, and her challenges in the most trying times. The expression of her story is raw, it is honest and it is courageous. If you find yourself in a toxic relationship that takes your spark away, I encourage you to read this book!

Lindsay Manfredi

An artist willing to share her story with her fans to make a difference in their lives! A true story of resilience and badassery with tips to be UNFUCKWITHABLE! 

Rita Owen

As a child, Rita Owen felt that she was not enough or that she did not belong to the family she was in. 

Everything that happened in her family, she look personally while believing everything was her fault. 

She learned that she could communicate with Angels when she was going through some of the most challenging times of her life.

Finally breaking free from the lifestyle and the family she knew to live a completely different experience as a child, cycles that plagued her were now broken and new ones were created. 

Rita started to dive into self-development and teachers were always placed in front of her so she could see that life was always working for her and not against her. 

Juan B. Tovar 

contributing author: Juan T. Tovar 

Juan T. Tovar encouraged his father to share his story. 

Juan B. Tovar arrived to the United States in 1954 and what he did from that point was to honor not only this country that accepted him but his family that he left behind. 

Juan explains that he worked very hard. He did not have a formal education but it did not stop him from getting involved with well-known politicians in the City of Chicago. 

His story is unique and it is special. Everything he did, he did with pride while never expecting anything in return but always wanting to extend a helping hand. 

Anita Myers 

Anita Myers, CPC, CRCS shares the journey it takes to climb out of the shadowed trenches created by the ones who mattered, who influenced, who manipulated and controlled and who almost won her over. Anita brings you a collection of true stories from the perspective of a child, a teen, a young woman, and the woman she is today, sharing what it took to climb out from the shadows and step into her own light. “It's about survival skills in the non-physical world.It’s also about recognizing the covert operations we were engaged in, the powers we've always had within ourselves that actually have the potential to reveal that we are Undercover Superheroes…”

Our Future Published Authors

Below you will find the books we will release.

My Journey With MS: A long Road 

Domingo Fernandes

Memories: Etched is Stone 

Elizabeth Browne

Missing Pieces: When Death Has No Mercy

Norma Mateo

My Life is a Movie: You Don't Want To Miss

Nikoleta Morales

God's Not Mad At You, In Fact He Loves You

Dr. Maribel Lopez