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With every journey, there is an adventure! Launching Dolly, The Magazine has certainly been an adventure.

Deciding to add this project to our services and to assist you in gaining insight from women all around the world was absolutely intentional.

Dolly - The Magazine, was born now, but it has been simmering in thought for roughly two years.

This magazine is important because it is directly for women of all ages, and is meant to inspire and empower all.

The articles written are meant to teach us all a lesson that we can learn from.  All articles submitted will be considered however, they must meet certain criteria, as listed below.

1. Must be written for women

2. Must be written by a woman or a group of women

3. Must provide a message of inspiration, empowerment or hope

4. Only positive messages will be shared in the magazine

Why women only?  Well, because I want women to come together, to teach and empower each other.  I want women to realize their value, to genuinely feel they have a place of their own, where they belong.  

An educated woman is a powerful one.  I want to end the pain in this world that many women experience.  I want to lift each woman up and to demonstrate that WE ARE ENOUGH!

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We look forward to working with you!

June 30, 2020

Dolly- The Magazine is born!!!