About the founder

Migdalia (Dolly) Cortes is a driven Latina leader. An energized International Motivational Speaker, a 4x Author, a Certified Life & Business Coach and the President & CEO of Rose Gold Publishing, LLC.

She launched Rose Gold Publishing, LLC on August 1, 2018, a publishing company that encourages everyday people to heal through writing and to share their stories in order to impact their communities.

She also started a Write to Heal Meetup Group in order to work directly with people in her local community that feel the need to heal from their past experiences. She wants to give them an outlet to express themselves.

She is a contributing author of Today’s Inspired Latina, Volume 1, released in 2015 and three additional books released in one year between 2017/2018.

Dolly shares revealing interviews as the on-air personality and Co-Host of The Dolly & Anita 24/7 Power Talk Show, a show focused on impacting the masses, one soul at a time.

She has served as the Master of Ceremonies for organizations and events such as the first Chicago Women’s Success Summit, Codo-A-Codo in Chicago, Casa Central, the Consulate of Colombia in Chicago, SES Central States and Today’s Inspired Latina Volume III book launch.

As a voice for women, Latinas, and others, she has appeared in multiple media outlets including, Chicago Latino TV, ZuBarrio TV, Azteca TV, LaRadiola26, Spanish Public Radio, La Union Latina Radio station, Entre Nosotras, Ivonne Sanchez, De La Mano de mi Angel, Entretenimiento Latino magazine, El Ritmo del Arte, Mundo Fox, Alas de Amor, Inspirando a la Mujer Latina and more.


As a young woman, I always enjoyed reading and writing, but it wasn't until 2015, that I published my first book in collaboration with 25 other Latina women in Today's Inspired Latina.

This venture allowed my passion for writing and speaking to evolve, and soon after I intentionally changed my life. I became an International Motivational Speaker with an emphasis on empowering and helping others.

My mission is to be exponentially successful as success is driven by how many people I serve in my community. I serve to make a valuable contribution to those that surround me, and I always and genuinely put others' interests first before my own.”

I often speak of The Law of Attraction and ways to transform your life!

I also became the Founder and Co-Host of The Luz and Dolly Show, a YouTube Channel, which was viewed in 60 countries in less than 12 months.

None of those things happened overnight for me, but it was the time I took to write that helped me realize what I wanted for my life. I wrote to heal from my personal experiences, and now I am devoted to helping others do the same.



My Thoughts, My Power and Why it Matters, was my first outlet of healing from a difficult journey that I was experiencing. I described how I transformed my life within three years by believing and practicing, The Law of Attraction. It is powerful and raw!

My next book, Accept Responsibility and Be Happy!, was an unintentional continuation of my journey, but a necessary one. Through my writings, I soon realized the role I played in my journey and chose to accept responsibility while sharing with my readers what I refer to as Power Tools! This book was vitally important in my healing process and a must-read for those seeking a better understanding of their circumstances. It is written in a workbook format to encourage participation and true reflection and engagement from the reader.

In my most recent release, Takes My Breath Away, I dedicated this book to my fiance at the time, and I expressed our love story through beautifully written poetry! It is romantic, heartfelt, and inspires the reader to fall in love all over again.

I want to encourage you to look within and to let your voice be heard. Share your story. It may be powerful enough to change the lives of many, not just yours. Don't let fear get in the way of you realizing your dreams! Do it afraid, and you will soon realize that you have the pen to write and create for yourself the life you always wanted.

I welcome you to authorship! Congratulations!